Finish your ride with custom powder coated rims & wheels

We have over 7000+ color options for you to choose from for that unique finished look that you want on your vehicle. We specialize in high-end rims for Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, etc. Have a truck? We can powder coat truck rims, truck flatbeds, headache racks, trailers, and truck accessories.

*Please note that the quality of the substrate will dictate the quality of the finish. If your rims have roadrash and they aren’t sandblasted before powder coating, you may have a suboptimal result.

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The best powder coated wheels in denver

We help you beautify your classic car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, off-road vehicle, and more with custom, one-of-a-kind powder coated rims and wheels. Our powder coating process is very specific because we believe in creating a durable, attractive powder coated rim that you will be proud to showcase. Unlike using liquid paint, powder is not harmful to the environment, so it is a safer and healthier choice.
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Why Choose RightWay Powder Coating

You have many Denver powder coating companies to choose from, so why us?

Local Company

We are a local Colorado Powder Coating company serving Parker, the Denver Metro area, and surrounding towns & counties.

Full Service Business

We are your one stop for all things powder coating, sandblasting, fabrication, plasma cutting, and even welding.

Low Cost

We focus on providing you with quality customer service and products that are durable & long lasting at affordable prices.

Custom Work

From residential to commercial powder coating, sandblasting, and plasma cutting, call us to talk about your project.

Multiple Locations

We have convenient locations in both Parker, Colorado and Kiowa, Colorado to assist you in your project needs.

Many Color Choices

We work directly with our powder suppliers like Cardinal and Prismatic Powders to provide you with over 7000 color choices.

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If too big, please email them to Info@rightwaypowdercoating.com

Need Powder Coated Rims in Denver?

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*DISCLAIMER – RightWay Powder Coating LLC is not responsible for the structural integrity of items due to their age or condition prior to restoration. We are also not responsible for holes (due to rust) after the sandblasting process or breakage of bolts during the disassembly or assembly process. Cast aluminum and magnesium parts may experience an outgassing and/or bubbling in the finished powder coat. We will take every precaution to avoid outgassing.  However, we can’t be held responsible for bubbling caused by porous castings.*